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This is our – Emily Derke and Nate Johnson – ongoing project related to the food we eat and the things we use. We are calling it “Gathered and Grown.” We don’t know where it will go but we spend most of our time gathering and growing nearly all of our food, and almost as much time gathering what we need to make the things we use. A distant third is making small amounts of money. This forum is an experiment to share these earnest attempts of ours.  Once we have more time, we hope to expand this site and offer more of what we do.

We live on a small lake in rural northern MN, somewhere north of Bemidji and Grand Rapids.

Contact us at :   nate (at) ivegottwohands dot com

See more of Emily’s work at www.emilyderke.com

See more of Nate’s work at www.ivegottwohands.com