Spring Craft Classes 2018
at Rail River Folk School in Bemidji

Space is limited and registration is required!
For more details and to register: Send an email to emilyderke(at) or call 763-245-7050

Willow Basketry
April 7-8   10:00-5:00
Make your own sturdy and useful willow basket! Willow is an abundant and resilient local material, perfect for making durable baskets. Each participant will complete their own unique basket, while learning a variety of weaving techniques.
Please note that moderate hand strength is necessary when working with willow. 

Maple Sugar Demonstration
Sunday, April 22    2:00-4:00
Learn to turn maple syrup into granular maple sugar! We will guide you through the process using several homemade tools to produce a soft, granular maple sugar.
This event is FREE and open to the public! No registration required.

Black Ash Pack Baskets
May 4-6 or May 5-6   9:00-5:00
Comfortable, durable and made to be used! Make your own pack basket using hand pounded black ash splints.
This class has two options you can choose from:
– Come Saturday and Sunday only and use material that has been pre-prepared for you.
OR, learn more!
– Come Friday, Saturday and Sunday and prepare your own. Learn how to pound the log to get your material, then cut the splints to width using a cutting jig.

Birch Bark Weaving
Saturday, June 2  10:00-4:00
Create a beautiful and useful birch bark basket using Scandinavian style weaving techniques. Class will include a discussion of harvesting and preparing your own bark, and a gallery of different woven baskets to inspire your future creations. 

Traditional Hide Tanning
June 8,9,10  9:00-5:00
Using brains, smoke and hard work, learn this traditional method of “braintanning” – turning a deer hide into a soft piece of buckskin. While physically demanding, with determination anyone is capable of producing their own leather. In this 3-day class, each student will work on their own hide, or may sign up with a partner to work on one together. 


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